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  • prolapsed — adj having undergone prolapse <a prolapsed bladder> …   Medical dictionary

  • prolapsed — adj. Prolapsed is used with these nouns: ↑disc …   Collocations dictionary

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  • prolapsed — prəʊ læpst / prəʊlæpst adj. fallen out of place, dropped out of the correct position (Medicine) pro·lapse || prəʊ læps / prəʊlæps n. instance of falling out of place, instance of sinking out of the correct position (Medicine) v. fall …   English contemporary dictionary

  • prolapsed — adjective slip forward or down: → prolapse …   English new terms dictionary

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  • prolapsed intervertebral disc — (PID) a slipped disc : protrusion of the pulpy inner material of an intervertebral disc through the fibrous outer coat, causing pressure on adjoining nerve roots, ligaments, etc. The condition often results from sudden twisting or bending of the… …   Medical dictionary

  • prolapsed disk — herniation of intervertebral disk …   Medical dictionary

  • prolapsed hemorrhoid — an internal hemorrhoid that has descended below the pectinate line and protruded outside the anal sphincter …   Medical dictionary

  • prolapsed ureterocele — prolapsing ureterocele an intravesical ureterocele that extends beyond the bladder neck down into the urethra; usually seen in females …   Medical dictionary

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